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About Europe:

Europe is actually a diverse and an interesting continent. Each of the places that form a part of this continent has their own fascinating and unique culture and history. Planning a Europe packages from Delhi and visiting any of its countries will be a wonderful experience and you will love to see and many wonderful things to do. If you are in a mood to surprise your partner, family member, or any of your friend, visit as many destinations as you can. It’s a guarantee that you will feel a completly different experience in every place. While travelling to the beautiful continent, you will come across many fascinating attractions and iconic landmarks. This continent has something for everything. So matter what’s your age feels free to pack your bags and book your package. Every attraction you will see will definitely be a memorable attraction and will immerse you in the history and culture of the place you have visited.

Best time to visit Europe:

Definitely, some of you have flexible lifestyles and jobs to cherry-pick when you want to plan a Europe packages from Delhi, but many of you are not that lucky. The good news about Europe is that it welcomes its guests all year round and every season has its own grace and ambience. As per travel industry, a year is divided into three seasons: Peak Season, Shoulder Season and Off-Season. Shoulder season that is generally from April till mid-June and September, October blends the advantage of both Shoulder and Peak Season. At this time you can enjoy the pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and long-lasting daylight.

Places to visit in Europe:

Eiffel Tower - Paris:

The iconic Eiffel Tower is the most commonly recognized attractions in the world and no Europe packages from Delhi can be considered complete without visiting this cultural icon of France. The huge structure that was initially made up of wrought iron is located on the Champ de Mars and measures a height of 1.063 feet. This tower includes restaurants and eating junctions at first and second level, and a total of 81 storeys. It is the tallest known structure in France and was once the tallest building in the entire universe. This iconic tower attracts around 6.9 visitors each year, which makes it the most highly pain monument of the world.

Colosseum- Rome, Italy:

When people think of planning a Europe packages from Delhi, the famous landmark “Colosseum” strikes their mind. The structure is also called as the Flavian Amphitheatre. This oval landmark is located in the heart of Rome, which was constructed under the reigns of three famous emperors under the Flavian dynasty. The construction of this place begins in 72 AD and was completed in around 76AD. The huge structure can hold a minimum of 80,000 spectators. The original use of this structure was to host gladiator contests, but since years it has been used for many other purposes. It is now purely and wholly used the best tourist attraction.

Buckingham Palace- London, England:

When tourists visit London’s capital city, this is the only attraction that everyone wants to see. The sole of this place is originally known as Buckingham House and was built in 1703 as a town house for the king of Buckingham. This palace was significantly developed in the 19th century, predominantly by renowned architects John Nash and Edward Blore. Another thing why tourist likes to visit this palace is to see “Changing the Guard”. The soldiers who guard outside the palace conduct a formal ceremony every time when they finish their shifts and new guards start their duty.

British Museum- London, English:

When planning a Europe packages from Delhi, it is one of the educational and interesting venues that is must a visit. As per 2015, British Museum attracted 6.82 million customers that make it the fourth most visited attraction of the world. This museum is the most comprehensive and has the largest collection of human history, culture, and art that exhibits in London, and has over 8 million exhibits.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa- Pisa, Italy:

It is one of the iconic structures that is appreciated by the whole world and is famous for the reasons that the mistakes have done by the engineers and architects who built this tower caused its non-famous lean. Almost every person who visits in Italy wants to have their photograph clicked in front of this wonky building. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was constructed in the 12th century and is the bell tower of Pisa Cathedral. The reason for the lean is because the ground on which it is structured is soft and there was the inadequate foundation of the structure. With the time, the lean increased.

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