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About Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is one of the leading premier cities of the world. It is a place where “west meets the east” and designs a perfect concoction of its culture that retains its traditional charm and very heartedly accepts its western practice and values. Hong Kong is a place where western values, efficiency, and innovation blend perfectly with quaint Cantonese charm and hustle-bustle of the locals. Hong Kong is now the most popular destination that is a dream of many tourists. You Hong Kong package from Delhi will give you a glimpse of the Chinese population’s culture and here you can find different cultural influences from Vietnam to Vancouver. Hong Kong is not just about long towered buildings but it is a place where you can find solace in a rural landscape that is further dominated by the fishing communities, mystic mountains, an infinite stretch of blue waters, and rocky islands. The subtropical climate that is neither too hot nor to cold make it a perfect destination to visit.

What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Because of the subtropical location, Hong Kong is active all year around. Generally, summers are hot and humid, while winters are dry and cool. Decide your Hong Kong packages from Delhi as per the monthly break up of climatic conditions: March, April, October, and November: These are considered the most appropriate time to visit Hong Kong. Evenings are generally cool, pleasant breezes, moderate temperature, and the perfect amount of sunshine make this time a perfect time to plan the vacation. May-September: This is a typhoon season and thus not advisable to travel. The temperature rises and tends to get very hot and humid. December-February: It remains cloudy and dry and temperature generally falls below 10 degrees.

Star Ferry:

To make your Hong Kong packages from Delhi a scenic trip, go for historic Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central. The Star ferry holds a very special place in the hearts of local people and has been around since 1888.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum:

The excellently curated museum represents the cultural heritage of museum of this place. There are in all six permanent galleries with beautiful themes like Cantonese opera and Chinese Art. There is a children’s discovery gallery that has interactive designs for kids.

Wong Tai Sin Temple:

Taoist and Buddhist worshippers come to this place to light incense, know about their fortunes through the local practice known as kau cim, and kneel at the altar of Wong Tai Sin. The temple superb spectacular traditional architectural features- guardian lion statues, intricate latticework, red pillars, and ornate roofs.

Pottinger Street:

The steep, unevenly-paved pedestrian lane is known as an iconic area of Central District. This street is named after the first governor of Hong Kong, Henry Pottinger. This ultimate street dates back to the 1850s and this makes it the oldest street in the neighbourhood. If you are fond of shopping and want to carry a piece of remembrance this place is a one-stop shopping destination. While planning any trip one always thinks what he will get from there. So it’s obvious while selecting this Hong Kong packages from Delhi your friends and family members have demanded too many things. This street is lined with colourful stalls where you can find party supplies, souvenirs, trinkets, and cheap costume merchandise.

Ocean Park:

This is the largest Theme park and an absolute must if you are a person who loves adventure. There is a Giant Panda exhibit, grand aquarium, the cable car that connects the two main sides of the park, and numerous amusement rides.

Nan Lian Garden:

It is a unique public park that is designed in a style of the Tang Dynasty landscaped Garden. Featuring pavilions, lotus ponds, and lush gardens, this Garden is a calm, perfect oasis of beauty situated in a bustling Hong Kong. Nan Lian Garden is managed by Chi Lin Nursery that is a house to many popular vegetarian restaurants.

Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery:

This is one of the famous temples that was founded in 1950 and consists of almost 13000 Buddha’s statue. It is accessible by climbing 431 steps that are lined with life-sized statues of Buddhist saints. Each of them has unique clothing, posture, and facial expression.

The Peak:

For your Hong Kong packages from Delhi, this peak is the most popular attraction for a very unique reason. Located at a height of 396mts above the mean sea level, this tower offers a breathtaking panorama through Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is the highest vintage point in the entire Hong Kong city. To reach there, take the historical tram, that was considered as the first funicular railway in Asia and was opened in 1888.

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Luxury Hong Kong With Macao

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Hong Kong - Ocean Park Fun Special (4* Hotels)

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Hong Kong & Macau Magical Moment

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