Posted: 10-Nov-18, Posted By: Pankaj

1- Get Close to the Monkeys

Don’t miss out the chance to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. Yes! If you want to experience one of the adventurous things in Bali then must encounter these wonderful creatures.

Also remember to maintain distance from these cute furry animals for your own safety and ensure that everything is attached to your body properly. Be careful because things such as a hat or sunglass will get stolen by a monkey. The monkeys will steal everything they can in no time. If Ubud is far away from your way then you can see lots of monkeys around the Uluwatu Temple as well.

2- Enjoy the Bali Beaches

If you want to have the memorable pictures with your partner then Bali is the perfect place for you. Couples can book Bali Honeymoon Packages to enjoy their trip to Bali without any hassle. Though Bali doesn’t have the beaches like the ones in Philippine beaches but yet it has some of the greatest beaches such as Jimbaran Beach, Mengiat Beach, Legian Beach, Geger Beach, and the beaches around Sanur. You can truly have an awesome picture on these white sandy beaches and alluring waters. You can also go for nearby islands like Nusa Lembongan, Gili Islands, and Nusa Penida. You can easily go there via speedboat.

3- Visit a Traditional Balinese Dance Show

Dance and drama is the best thing to see in Bali. You must attend a traditional Balinese Dance show while your visit to Bali for a great and mesmerizing experience. It is no surprise that these types of magical dance shows offer a spectacular view to the visitors. You will view the spectacular dancers in amazing costumes almost everywhere in Bali during the festive season. So don’t miss out the opportunity to witness these Balinese dance shows while your visit to Bali. If you want to lose yourself with your better half then lovers little paradise Australia is also a great destination to visit. Newlyweds can book Honeymoon Package for Australia.

Kecak Dance Show in Uluwatu is one of the most famous performances which include scenic views over the ocean. The female dancers do a magnificent show using entire parts of their body, amazing hand gestures, and eye expressions, while male dancers’ sits in a circle and make sounds with their mouths. You can enjoy this show every night at 6PM.

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