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1- Watch the Sunset from Top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Your trip to Paris would be incomplete if you have not visited the iconic Eiffel Tower. For having the striking experience you need to witness the picturesque view atop the Eiffel Tower. Go top of the Eiffel Tower before sunset to enjoy the most spectacular experience. Watch the sun going down against the Notre Dame Cathedral and the amazing Parisian skyline with a sip of bubbly. If you are planning to travel with your partner then opting for Europe Honeymoon Packages would be perfect for your European trip.

2- Take a Chocolate Tour in Switzerland

Switzerland is the home to the best international chocolate brands. The chocolatiers, boutiques and the chocolate shops here provide amazing varieties of Swiss chocolates for sampling. If you are a chocolate lover then you can attend the workshops and dining experiences with top chocolatiers organized by the Tour de Chocolate. If you are newlyweds and looking for some romantic destination other than this then Hong Kong is also a good option to visit with your love. Avail Hong Kong Honeymoon Packages and enjoy a wonderful trip experience.

3- Do a Sailing Trip

You shouldn’t miss out island hopping boat experience which takes you sailing on the waters of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Have a sunbath on the deck of a boat and get relaxed. This boat trip will surely add richness to your experience. You can enjoy the breeze while sipping cocktails in the sun and can also enjoy party at night on various stunning islands.

4- Explore the East

Western Europe can track you down by its side with the Greek islands and the Eiffel Tower but there is much more fascinating in the East which is radical and worth visiting. You must visit the most beautiful city of the continent i.e Mostar in Bosnia. Go cruising in the Aegean coast of Croatia & Montenegro. Moreover, visit Prague, Ljubljana, Budapest, and Krakow which is also stunning in their way. Couples should also explore some of the exotic places in Maldives also. For a better experience it is suggested to take Maldives Honeymoon Packages.

5- Explore the Lost City of Pompeii

Pompeii is the Italy's relevant destination that attracts tourists all around the globe. You can walk along the ruins of Pompeii for a spectacular experience. This ancient city has been preserved remarkably. Explore the Teatro Grande which is the larger theatre built into the sloping ground and also not miss the chance to see the other various popular attractions in the lost city of Pompeii.

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