Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is intended for skiers and snowboarders, but also for all those who just want to experience snow. There are five runs (the longest being 400m) and a Freestyle Zone with jumps and rails. Those who have never skied/snowboarded before, will need to take lessons, which are also provided, and those not interested in learning can enjoy the snow or see the penguins in the Snow Park.

Almost everything you will need of equipment is provided with the slope pass (jacket, trousers, skis, ski boots, snowboard, snowboard Boots, ski poles, disposable socks, helmets for children), except gloves and hats (for hygiene reasons). However, if you don't have your own on you, you can buy them in the adjoining ski shop (gloves start at around Dh10, hats at Dh30). If you bring your own equipment and/or clothing you'll get a 5% discount on each. Also, you will need a locker - rental is Dh20 and can be used by several persons.

Weekends are more crowded, but there is a faster-moving secondary lift, a rope tow, that significantly shortens the ride uphill, giving you more runs per hour than you can get riding the chair.